#5 ‘Life After Growth’ book update

As regular readers will know, my book Life After Growth is getting ever nearer to publication. The latest step towards publication is the completion of the cover. I think publishers Harriman House have produced a really exciting design, and hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

LifeAfterGrowth-3D-rev no doctor

I can also give you a preview of the contents. The book has 14 chapters, divided into four parts:

Part I: The end of an era

1.  An economy that has run out of road

2.  How the economy really works

Part II: The real economy

3.  The energy economy

4.  The great breakthroughs

5.  Growth and risk

6.  The real threat

Part III: The financial economy

7.  The servant, not the master

8.  The madness of crowds

9.  The madness of globalisation

10. The madness of statistics

Part IV: Life after growth

11. Welcome to life after growth

12. Value reduction – the real economy

13. Value destruction – the financial economy

14. An end or a beginning?


Conclusion – what does this mean to me?

I’ll keep you posted here – meanwhile, though, if you’ve any questions, do let me know…..

UPDATE 29th August

The book is now listed for pre-order at http://www.harriman-house.com/comingsoon


9 thoughts on “#5 ‘Life After Growth’ book update

  1. Tim – I don’t know how to put this is a least inoffensive way – I find the use of “Dr” before a person’s name embarrassingly pretentious. I have many friends who have doctorates and *BEs after their names and very few who put it about. I sometimes wonder why those who do, do so, What do your publishers think of my view?

  2. Apparently “Dr” can work a treat for airline upgrades…..

    Great cover – hope its out in time for Xmas – my wife has it pencilled in on my Xmas list already

    • Yes indeed.

      But it’s less helpful if you’re staying at a hotel and someone has an accident! (This has never happened to me, because I would never book in at a hotel as Dr – but it happened to my old English master, Dr Jackson)

      Anyway, we’re dropping the “Dr” from the book cover, and I’ll update the image shortly.

    • Yes, great cover – and Tim is so good at exposing and writing about the real world it promises to be an excellent read.

  3. Hi Tim, I have the book it arrived this morning very well protected by your publisher. There were small local difficulties as to the first reader, raiders overcome mine till Saturday.
    Kind regards

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