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First of all, I would like to welcome all visitors to my new website. If you haven’t done so yet, please do join those who have already signed up for my mailing list. I really hope that you will feel free not just to comment but also to suggest topics for discussion.

There are very many issues that I’d like to discuss here and, as you might know, my blog at Tullett Prebon ranged over subjects as varied as ‘generational theft’, the 2011 English city riots, the ‘Abenomics’ experiment in Japan, the real nature of the problems in the Eurozone and, of course, the dire fiscal and economic challenges facing Britain.

But my main interest, which I know is shared by many who contributed to my previous blog, is a radically new approach which recognises that the economy is, first and foremost, a surplus energy equation onto which a financial ‘corollary’ or ‘shadow’ economy has been grafted.

We are never going to understand how the economy really works if we insist on thinking of it as a monetary construct. Money is the language in which economic matters are discussed, but we should never mistake the language for the substance.

This is explained in my forthcoming book, Life After Growth, which will be published in September. The manuscript has been with the publishers since June, and completing it – and leaving Tullett Prebon – seemed to give me plenty of time to put my feet up and enjoy the summer……

……..only I haven’t (put my feet up, that is). What I’m interested in now is the next stage – “life after life after growth”, so to speak.

I’ve also been storing up subjects to discuss here, and fuming over quite a number of developments. My “to do” list for this web site is a long one, but here’s what I’m working on now –

          A blog article on the shale gas delusion, provisionally entitled “fracking hell…”

          A short, downloadable guide to surplus energy economics

Till later,



5 thoughts on “#1 Welcome

  1. Hi Tim
    To make your Welcome post always appear as your first post make it “sticky” – dashboard – posts – quick edit

  2. Good to see you back on the blogosphere Doctor Morgan…one of the few commentators worth listening to.

  3. Hi Tim – is your “short, downloadable guide to surplus energy economics” imminent? I badly need some such to give those who ask what it is all about! Thank you.

  4. Hi Dr. Tim, I had a look at your website and you’re going to love reading my chapter entitled ‘What Caused the Great Financial Crisis?’ Actually, my book only cares about the nature of Capitalism. So I’ll leave the technical side of the economy to you. I need to email you a chapter that shall be included in the 11th edition and it has one comment accredited to you.

    • Hello Cathal. If you look through the archives here you’ll find a lot of stuff on the nature of money, finance and so on. You will also find a series explaining why the real problem is Corporatism rather than Capitalism as such. My book “Life After Growth” deals with globalisation, financial bubbles and the manipulation of statistics as well as energy.

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